Gabor Cselle - Bio

I'm a Partner at Area 120, Google's internal startup incubator.

Previously, I worked at Twitter on trends, the logged-out homepage, and MoPub.

I was previously the Co-Founder / CEO of Namo Media, which was acquired by Twitter in June 2014.

Before Namo, I was a Product Manager at Google where I worked on Gmail, the Android OS, and Google Now. I was the Founder of reMail, a mobile email startup which was acquired by Google in February 2010. reMail was an iPhone app that would download all your mail to your iPhone and search it super fast. It was well received by press and users alike. reMail is now open source, and a number of developers have built apps based on it.

Before reMail, I was the VP Engineering at Xobni, a San Francisco startup. Bill Gates called Xobni the "next generation of social networking". Before that, I was a Software Engineer at Google. At Google, I worked on a variety of things including Gmail.

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. In the past, I have worked in graphic design, interned at Yahoo and Google, did financial research, and TA'd classes in grad school.

"How do you pronounce that?"

My name is Hungarian. and originally written "Gábor Cselle".

Gabor == Gaah-bor, Cselle == Chell-ah. (Pronounced like "challenge", but without the "nge".)

"Where are you from?"

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, but moved to Germany early on. I spent a year in high school in the US, and did undergrad and grad school at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. For the past 10+ years, I've lived in San Francisco.


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